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corner shower tray 80x96 DX

    The Retro 80x96 cm shower tray

    Produced with attention to detail, this shower tray complies with the rules regarding home security thanks to its non-slip surface which also ensures a high standard of hygiene. The Retro 80x96 cm shower tray by Kerasan encloses both of these qualities and stands out for its compact dimensions and its rectangular shape. Embossed square motifs create a pleasant geometric pattern on the surface.

    A vintage style shower tray

    The Retro collection, created by the designers Alfredo Anzellini and Massimiliano Cicconi, includes vintage style bathroom fixtures which are aimed to provide elegance and functionality to modern settings. This shower tray, with its square shape and high edges, is inspired by the traditional style of the 1990s. It can easily be positioned in bathrooms where you want to create an old-time atmosphere while using modern fixtures.

    The compact dimensions of the Retro corner shower tray

    The 80x96 cm left hand corner shower tray is suitable for small bathrooms requiring installation in a corner. Combined with a steel-framed shower enclosure with transparent or sandblasted glass, it will add a touch of style to the room. Made of high-quality materials, processed with innovative techniques, this shower tray has a large waste plug that prevents clogging because the water flows quickly into the drain, maintaining the standing area tidy and clean. Easy to sanitize, the Retro shower tray is an essential fixture which will create a functional and original bathroom.